Invite to the 2021 National Powder Metallurgy Conference

Release Date: 2021-12-17
Source: UPRISE 3D

As the new year is coming, researchers in the field of powder metallurgy will usher in a great event. The "2021 National Powder Metallurgy Conference of China" held every 2 years will be held in Changsha International Conference Center of Hunan province from December 24 to 26, 2021. As the pioneer of "3D printing + Powder Metallurgy" and the new productivity potential unicorn enterprise in China, UPRISE 3D will participate in this grand meeting of powder metallurgy industry.

Invites to Attend the 2021 National Powder Metallurgy Conference o

2021 National Powder Metallurgy Conference of China

Time: October 24-26, 2021

Location: Changsha International Conference Center

Booth: B042

Let's meet in Changsha. UPRISE 3D is looking forward to your visit!

"National Powder Metallurgy Conference" is one of the most important conferences in the national powder metallurgy industry. The purpose of the conference is to set up an exchange platform for scientific and technological personnel engaged in the scientific research, development and industrialization of powder metallurgy in our country and relevant government departments to discuss and share the latest research results in the field of powder metallurgy, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion and common improvement, and to enhance the status and role of powder metallurgy in China's national economic and social development.

Academician Zuoren Nie, professor Shaoming Zhang and professor Kechao Zhou are invited to give the conference report on the morning of December 25th. There are many experts and young talents discussing and communicating on topics such as hot spots of science and technology development and industry transformation and upgrading. In the afternoon of December 25th and the whole day of December 26th, a series of special reports are carried out at the same time in 9 sub-venues, including powder preparation and forming technology, additive manufacturing technology, powder metallurgy structural materials, refractory metals and hard alloys, superhard materials, advanced structural ceramic materials, metal catalysis and energy materials, powder metallurgy materials integrated computing and genetic engineering, powder metallurgy functional materials.

Dr. Liu at UPRISE 3D is honored to be invited to bring us a special report on "research on the preparation and properties of refractory metals by PEP technology" in the refractory metals and hard alloys sub-venue. While absorbing new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment, UPRISE 3D has set up a booth opposite the forum area (booth B042), where metal & ceramic 3D printer, 3D printing materials and 3D printing products are displayed, providing clients with integrated 3D printing solutions, which can drive traditional powder metallurgy towards digitalization, release more potential applications for powder metallurgy.

Whether special reports or on-site display, they will give you a feast of hearing and vision. A lot of wonderful things for product disclosure, technology empowerment, multi-industry solutions, all are welcomed to you!